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Through the 21-Day Jump Start Your Fertility Program, I received the motivation and support to cleanse my body for conception. Turns out, I gained much more than that. I was able to identify some food sensitivities and make positive changes for myself and my future and not just for fertility reasons. Nita was amazing. And I loved the Facebook forum support.

A happy post-cleanse update from Lisa:

On June 30, 2016, I delivered a baby girl! I conceived naturally just a few months after completing the Jump Start Fertility Cleanse! Prior to connecting with Nita, I had experienced four heart-breaking miscarriages and one stillbirth at 28 weeks’ gestation. I feel enormously blessed and grateful for having made the necessary changes in my life to invite motherhood.

Lisa, VA   

I had been to several acupuncturists and holistic practitioners but no one ever went to the depths of explaining and bringing a true holistic approach to trying to conceive as Nita did with her 21-Day Jump Start Your Health and Fertility program. This program has helped me to see the change I needed to make on how I clean my house, take a bath, and feed my family. A true cleanse that is holistic should include the mind, body, and soul, and Nita has really captured this in her Jump Start program.

Kris, OH   

The 21-Day Jump Start Your Health and Fertility program has helped me to develop new and healthy habits. The recipes were great and I continue to use them after the program. I loved the meditation experience. Overall, this program has taught me to give myself permission to take time for self-care.

Jen, OH   

The 21-Day Jump Start Your Health and Fertility program was great in kick-starting my detox journey. The program has transformed me to have more energy and vibrant skin. I used to experience a painful menstrual cycle each month, but I after the program, I experience less period pain and less bloating. I also lost some weight. Nita’s guidance and instruction were invaluable. I’m now able to make better food choices. I’ve also discovered meditation practice, which brings me peace of mind.

Dina, UK   

My experience with Nita and the Comprehensive Preconception program was nothing short of life changing. She came into my life at the perfect time and opened my eyes to a whole new world of health, overall wellness, personal responsibility, and awareness. She is kind, professional, pleasant to work with and most importantly a wealth of knowledge! I highly recommend this program for anyone that is looking to have their world rocked and their eyes opened!

Katie, OH   

Nita is a walking, breathing library of "good-for-you." When anyone in our circle has a question about supplements, healthy food, and natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals, especially where our families are concerned, we turn to Nita. I have learned so much about how best to feed my family, what supplements I can rely on, and how nutrition is the ultimate catalyst for all ailments or cures from Nita. She is constantly learning, and we are constantly reaping the benefits of her passion, intelligence, and compassion.

Kim, NC   

Four years ago I had exhausted all avenues of traditional medicine to treat my symptoms. I had spent over a year seeing specialists for debilitating stomach issues, insomnia, adult acne, and hair loss to name a few. Although this list screams hormonal imbalance and thyroid issues, all tests consistently came back as normal despite a history of infertility. The doctors could offer nothing. My quality of life continued to deteriorate, and with a family to take care of, it was time to think outside the box.

What Nita provided was not only a receptive ear, but a path to wellness. Her knowledge concerning food and nutritional supplementation is vast and was a remarkable resource. She took a whole "person" approach with me, laying a foundation for a full recovery. When we treated the source of my problems instead of just the effects of them, I began to see improvement. I am healthier now. I no longer suffer from the myriad of symptoms that had caused me so much grief and my medications are a thing of the past. I am grateful to God and to Nita for my health and I wish the same success for you.

Erin, MD   

When I first started out in sessions with Nita, there were a lot of old bad habits I wanted to break. Nita taught me about eating with the seasons and how important it is to take and make time for myself in order to be there (be present) for my family. I looked forward to our sessions as I found them therapeutic. I am a work in progress. Thanks to Nita I have the key elements to reach many goals. Thank you Nita for putting me on the path to overall wellness.

Kashema, NC   

I have been a vegetarian for 30 years and an endurance athlete for over a decade. Between a meat free diet and the athletic metabolism, my digestive track has sped up to the point that I was barely getting any nutrition out of my food. Nita listened to everything I had to say and made recommendations that worked with my budget, schedule and vegetarian lifestyle. The results were almost immediate. For the first time in years I feel satisfied and not worn down plus my body is reacting to my training better than it has in years.

Blake, NY   

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