Fuel Your Fertility with Mercier Therapy

by Nita Ewald on August 17, 2016

This month’s blog features Jennifer Mercier. She has been working in the field of healthcare for almost 20 years and very passionate about it. Her practice ministry is serving women with pelvic pain and fertility challenges. Her education includes training in massage therapy, midwifery, and naturopathic medicine.

Fuel Your Fertility with Mercier Therapy

by Jennifer Mercier, LMT, ND, Ph.D, Midwife

The reality of fertility treatment today

My journey began when I was 23 and had an ovarian cyst rupture. Little did I know that this was my introduction into the painful world of endometriosis.

The formal diagnosis came when I was 26 after my first laparoscopy. Shortly after, a large endometria was removed from my left ovary and I was prescribed Lupron.

Lupron is a drug that suppresses the menstrual cycle for the typical 6-month time period after surgical intervention.

To make it simple: Lupron literally puts a woman into a temporary state of menopause to allow for temporary healing to occur after a laparoscopy. I kindly declined the drug.

2 years later I was in surgery to remove another endometrial and again I was offered Lupron to suppress my cycle. I declined.

At age 34, I endured my third endometria and promptly has it removed due to the excessive pain it causes me. To no surprise, I was offered Lupron again and declined.

I thought to myself: Endometriosis is a very aggressive and never goes away. Why suppress a disease process that would wake-up again once we stopped the Lupron. By putting the body into a temporary state of menopause, there are hundreds of possible side effects that occur from using such a powerful drug.

Here’s where I digress a bit back into my early college days.

I worked at the Center for Human Reproduction in Illinois as a clinician. I was preparing for undergrad in pre-med. It made sense to me to follow medical school with a residency in obstetrics and gynecology. I would follow with a fellowship in reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

Women’s health has always been very intriguing to me and I’ve always wanted to serve in this field.

As a clinician in a reproductive medical clinic, I noticed a disturbing trend… Not many women were achieving pregnancy. The one’s who did were miscarrying a lot of the time. Many of the preemies born from multiple gestation from IVF stated in the NICU for months after birth, often with many medical issues.

I observed most of these women go without medical insurance to cover these IVF procedures. They sold furniture, wedding rings, cars, and took out second mortgages on their homes in hopes to pay for one more IVF cycle and despite their effort, they’d continue to fail. I wish it were different but it was not and it’s still the same today. Medical fertility care is necessary for some cases but not for all.

My own fertility challenges

At age 34, after being married for the second time without any pregnancies, I felt like once my new husband and I started trying for children we may home some trouble. Indeed, I was correct.

We tried some unmedicated IUI cycles which never resulted in pregnancy. My husband did not have any male factor issues so there was no reason to even undergo IUI, I was getting impatient. This is how much of society thinks and feels… DO SOMETHING! It’s only natural to want results. This is where Mercier Therapy entered my life.

I remember teaching a group of 9 students and asking them to palpate my uterus and ovaries. They did not even complete a full Mercier treatments and within my next cycle, we conceived. We lost the first 2 pregnancies but the 3rd ended up successful and we were given our beautiful daughter.

Clair was born when I was 37. I had another 3 pregnancies between Clair and our son, who was born when I was 40.

In the end, I learned I kept losing pregnancies because my estradiol wasn’t getting high enough.

What is Mercier Therapy?

Mercier Therapy is a massage using deep visceral organ manipulation to restore blood flow for optimal function which typically lasts 6 hours in total. During this process, we use deep visceral organ manipulation to mobile the pelvic organs and restore blood flow for optimal function. More and more when I use this work, I find that all women can benefit from the protocol.

Women tend to shut-off between their navel and pubic bone due to painful menses, pregnancy loss, trauma and more. I like to help redirect their attention to the area in a positive way. The treatment isn’t a spa massage and for some women, can be a bit painful at the beginning. However, as the sessions progress so does the tolerance.

Women have got to believe more in their own abilities to conceive, carry, and deliver healthy babies.

When working with a Mercier trained therapist you’ve got the best of both worlds. They are trained in how to communicate with medical professional and clients undergoing assisted cycles but at the same time, are also trained in helping you to monitor your own cycle on a personal level.

As Mercier therapists, we help give women their own sense of co-partnering with the Mercier Therapist to be responsible for her own monitoring.

We give women their own sense of co-partnering with the Mercier Therapist to be responsible for her own monitoring. This is empowering and necessary.

I know that most women feel like they can rest just knowing that they are walking through this journey with a Mercier trained professional and completely understands their frustrations.

The solution: our Shared Journey Fertility program

Our Shared Journey Fertility program starts with a consultation which includes gathering your medical and gynecological history along with a pelvic organ mobility evaluation. Once all of the information is obtained, a plan is made between the woman (or couple) and together they decide whether or not the program is right for them. Most of our practitioners also partner with reproductive physicians and will refer throughout the process to one another.

We have published a study that showed an 83% pregnancy rate with using our 6 hour Mercier Therapy protocol for women 28-44.


For more information regarding our professional training program please visit: MercierTherapy.com

For Dr. Mercier’s private practice website please visit: ExpectAMiracle.life

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