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VIP Day – Nurture with Nita

Not quite ready to commit to my longer programs? Not sure which Nurture with Nita package serves your needs?

No worries! With my VIP (Very Important Person—You!) Day, I will personally show you how you can start taking steps in the right direction. Whether you want to rid your home of everyday toxins, clean your pantry and eliminate junk food, or learn how to shop for and cook healthy meals, we can make it happen.

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Here are a few ways we can spend our VIP Day together (maximum of 5 hours):

Pantry and Kitchen Make-Over

  • Need help deciding what’s healthy and what’s not? I’ll guide you in assessing food labels to identify toxic ingredients and choose what healthy alternatives are best for your particular needs. Additionally, we’ll look through your cookware, food storage containers, and kitchen cleaners to create an environment that’s safe for you and your family’s health.

Toxic-Free Nursery

  • You’d be surprised how many toxins surround our everyday lives. Paint, furniture, carpet — even a crib mattress can contain harmful chemicals. As we work on creating a Toxic-Free Nursery you’ll learn many different ways to minimize exposure to environmental toxins affecting your health and the health of your future baby.

Healthy Home for Baby

  • What goes IN your mouth, ON your skin and AROUND you in the air significantly impacts your health and ultimately your baby’s health. Learn to identify detrimental environmental toxins and discover simple steps to reduce toxins in your home and in your personal care products.

Healthy Shopping and Cooking

  • Changing your eating habits can be a challenge, especially on your first trip to the health food store (My husband thinks it’s like going to a foreign country!) To keep you on track for success, we’ll go shopping together and I’ll teach you how to find healthy and fresh, seasonal ingredients. Then we’ll prepare easy, healthy meals together!

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Focus on one task or a combination of them — VIP Day is entirely customized to your needs! Together, we’ll implement the necessary changes to set in motion your journey towards wellness.

The 21-Day Jump Start Your Health and Fertility program was great in kick-starting my detox journey. The program has transformed me to have more energy and vibrant skin. I used to experience a painful menstrual cycle each month, but I after the program, I experience less period pain and less bloating. I also lost some weight. Nita’s guidance and instruction were invaluable. I’m now able to make better food choices. I’ve also discovered meditation practice, which brings me peace of mind.

Dina, UK   

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