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21-Day Jump Start Your Health and Fertility

To start off this program, we’ll all meet on a live call to discuss the importance of detoxing your body and how this program is going to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The Jump Start Group Coaching Program is ideally suited for those who want to build a support network with other women or couples who are going through the same issues. We’ll discover dozens of constructive practices to break free from unhealthy eating habits and identify food sensitivities that may be interfering with your fertility. We’ll also work on ways to reduce your daily exposure to environmental toxins.

Through my nurturing program, you will increase your ability to conceive a healthy, beautiful, and thriving child.

21-Day Jump Start Your Health and Fertility includes:

  • Fertility Cleanse Guidebook
  • Healthy Meal Plans and Seasonal Recipes
  • Toxin Reduction Tips and Tools
  • 21-Day Meditation Experience
  • Access to Private Facebook Support Group

I will be offering this program again in Spring 2018!


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Through the 21-Day Jump Start Your Fertility Program, I received the motivation and support to cleanse my body for conception. Turns out, I gained much more than that. I was able to identify some food sensitivities and make positive changes for myself and my future and not just for fertility reasons. Nita was amazing. And I loved the Facebook forum support.

A happy post-cleanse update from Lisa:

On June 30, 2016, I delivered a baby girl! I conceived naturally just a few months after completing the Jump Start Fertility Cleanse! Prior to connecting with Nita, I had experienced four heart-breaking miscarriages and one stillbirth at 28 weeks’ gestation. I feel enormously blessed and grateful for having made the necessary changes in my life to invite motherhood.

Lisa, VA