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This mini e-course is designed to prepare a loving and peaceful vessel for your baby through the practice of positive affirmations, Ho’oponopono prayer, and guided visualization.

If joy, gratitude, empowerment, trust, and peace are among the feelings your have been experiencing, keep it up – you want to maintain those feelings! Your body will be conditioned to receive more – that’s when you can bring forth a new life.

But if you feel doubt, anger, worry, guilt, and hopelessness, you will experience those same feelings tomorrow if you don’t make a change in the way you think. The body will sense those feelings as a state of emergency, not the time for creation. So in order for you to have a baby in your future, you need to change your thoughts around your fertility.

Affirmations and visualization are great practices to condition your brain and body to a new state of being, so you can create a new reality. Your same thoughts create the same reality.

Affirmations (10 page printable PDF)

Energy follows our thoughts. Whatever you give energy to, you empower. These affirmations are created to empower you in the way you think about your ability to conceive.

Practicing positive affirmations repetitively in a deeply relaxed state generates a sense of peacefulness and well-being and can actually turn on stress-reducing genes.

Path to Fertility Guided Visualization

This easy to follow 7-minute audio is designed to prepare a warm, loving and healthy environment for your baby. It can be used first thing in the morning to set a calm and peaceful tone for your day or later in the evening as a tool to de-stress from your busy day. It guides you to be in-tune with your inner self and being completely at peace.

I used this visualization when I went through my own fertility struggle.

Ho’oponopono prayer (2 printable PDF)

Ho’oponopono is a deep spiritual “cleaning” process that begins with yourself.

It is a tool to help you with letting go of memories, perceptions, and judgments that have been stored in your subconscious mind.

By repeating the phrases in the Ho’oponopono prayer silently, you allow the Divine Intelligence in you to release the painful memories in your life and the lives of peo-ple involved, so you can be free and at peace with yourself.

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