[WEBINAR] Is MTHFR Affecting Your Fertility?

by Nita Ewald on September 13, 2017

Could it be the reason you can’t fall pregnant?

The MTHFR gene is crucial for the metabolism of your active folate. As everyone knows, folate is essential for the development of the baby. It helps to prevent disorders like cleft clip, cleft palate, spina bifida, and tongue tie. However, did you know that many women that miscarry do so because their active folate levels are low and so the DNA of both the mom and dad can be affected.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Why the MTHFR gene mutation might be affecting your fertility
  • How the MTHFR contributing to multiple miscarriages
  • Various forms of folate and which ones we should be using if we have the MTHFR gene polymorphisms.

Join us Tuesday, September 19 at 8pm EST

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Hosted by Nita Ewald, Functional and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Carolyn Ledowsky, Methylation and MTHFR specialist; founder of MTHFR Support Australia

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