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Why You Should Ditch Your Folic Acid

by Nita Ewald on February 16, 2017

I published a video about folic acid vs folate on Facebook (PathToFertility) last week and it received so much attention. I also participated as a speaker at the Integrative Fertility Masterclass last Saturday, Feb 11 and questions about folic acid were raised at the Q and A session. I wanted to write an article to explain further. Folic […]

  You’ve probably seen sea vegetables in the supermarket aisle and wondered what they are. More importantly, you probably wondered if they taste any good. I was first introduced to sea vegetables when I lived in Japan many years ago. The majority of East Asian populations enjoy sea vegetables and their many health benefits daily. […]

Let’s face it, food labels are confusing and sometimes downright misleading, even to those of us who pay close attention. Take for example the label, “Vegetarian Fed.” You may think you’re buying meat from animals raised eating just organic greens. Not necessarily. To help you better understand what today’s many different labels actually mean (and […]


by Nita Ewald on August 1, 2014

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